Since 1973, Technical Traffic has made it a top priority to provide every client and their carriers with a premier freight audit and payment experience.  To ensure the highest level of quality and service, Technical Traffic has focused on Customization, Flexibility, Communication, and Independence.   


Rooted in best business practices, Technical Traffic’s service offering is tailored around the unique shipping characteristics, accounting principles, systems, and reporting guidelines of each client we serve.  This high level of customization is evident throughout our entire process, ranging from carrier relationship management through complex analytics and KPIs.  

Flexible Operating System

Designed in-house by Technical Traffic’s team of IT Professionals, our Freight Processing System was built with a high degree of flexibility and customization in mind.  With this flexibility Technical Traffic can manage complex business rules, audit points, and validations in a situation specific manner.  Our Freight Processing System also allows client requested changes to occur in real-time, as to expedite the implementation of business rules or accounting requirements as they are presented.   

Detailed General Ledger Coding

Upon Implementation, Technical Traffic works closely with each client to gain a full understanding of their General Ledger String, its components, and business rules used to determine when each string should be employed. We also request any listings or files that would assist us in determining components of the GL such as brand and product lists, vendor locations, customer locations, etc. Through this approach there is no limit to the number of allocations that can be performed per invoice, nor are there limits to the complexity of coding requirements TTC can handle.

Independence & Objective

Technical Traffic works exclusively for the benefit of our client base.  We do not broker freight nor do we maintain any commission arrangements with carriers or logistics firms, in return for influencing freight.  This autonomy provides our clients with the comfort that all data entrusted to us is strictly guarded and only used for the benefit of their own initiatives. 

Communication & Relationship Management

Technical Traffic operates in a cross-functional team environment, with each team managed by an Account Representative and supported by audit, coding, and processing professionals.  Through this team approach Technical Traffic is able to establish tight processing controls and cross training, while also insuring maximum communication with client team members.   Clients  will quickly become acquainted with the members of their respective Technical Traffic team, and can feel confident that each inquiry or request is handled by an individual directly involved in the day-to-day processing of their freight related expense.   

In-House Transportation Attorney

Technical Traffic maintains an in-house Transportation Attorney that works exclusively for the benefit of our current clients. Our Attorney is always available for Carrier Contract Review, Contract Drafting, Loss & Damage Claim escalation, or simply for advice regarding Transportation Law.