Customized Audit, Payment & Business Intelligence Solutions

Technical Traffic’s primary objective is to provide our global partners with a complete solution for freight audit, payment, and business intelligence. Our methodology to do so includes a strong reliance on customization, attention to detail, and commitment to accuracy. Services include:


Through a hybrid approach that combines systematic rating modules and the expertise of trained auditors, Technical Traffic provides a comprehensive preaudit and payment solution for all freight related aspects of the Global Supply Chain. Annual audit savings range from 3 to 5 percent of overall freight related expense, with further savings experienced when preaudit is coupled with Technical Traffic’s Small Parcel Guarantee Service Refunds Program.

Service Highlights:
  • International Audit Capabilities
  • Audit of All Modes of Transportation & Freight Related Expenses
  • Invoice Submission via Multiple Proprietary and Customized Formats
  • Document Imaging and Retention
  • Robust Rating Engine Overseen by Trained Auditors
  • One payment, Per Client, Per carrier each week
  • Payment Remittance in Variety of Formats and Any Foreign Currency
  • Carrier Customer Service Supported in Multiple Languages with Various Options for Inquiry and Communication

All invoices processed through Technical Traffic will be coded based on designated business rules to ensure proper expense allocation and costing. Allocation can be performed across multiple levels and handled based on General Ledger, Cost Center, Business Unit, Division, Movement Type, Department, Store Number, Order Number, Accessorial Charge, and any additional custom fields. There is no limit to the complexity of accounting structures accommodated by Technical Traffic, nor is there a limit to the number of allocations that can be performed on one single movement or invoice.

Service Highlights:
  • Allocation Across Multiple Reference Numbers, Bill of Ladings, Containers, Return Authorizations, Purchase Orders, etc.
  • Detailed Capture of all Accessorial Types and Charges
  • Flexible Operating System to Allow for Real Time Adjustments of Business Rules and Requirements

Paramount to Technical Traffic’s service offering is the ability to maintain a robust data warehouse containing accurate and accessible supply chain data.

The foundation of each data warehouse will be the shipping files, receiving data, and product information that can be sent to Technical Traffic on a regular basis. Throughout the audit and payment process, the warehouse will be supplemented with shipping details, costing, and the application of specific business rules.

At the conclusion of each week, the data warehouse will provide a central location to generate payment information, shipment details, and costing directly into each partner’s ERP system. This warehouse will also support Technical Traffic’s reporting, metrics, KPI’s, and dashboards.

Service Highlights:
  • Data May be Exchanged in any Format, Layout, and Frequency
  • Flexibility to Send Varying File Types from Multiple Servers/Systems
  • Flexibility to Modify Data Feeds as Internal Requirements Change

A well integrated Global Supply Chain collaborates with Operations, Logistics, Finance, Procurement, and Information Technology, and does so across multiple business units and across multiple continents. In recognition of this collaborative effort, Technical Traffic works to customize reporting, web based applications, and data transmissions around the interests of each department, business unit, and end user.

Service Highlights:
  • Reports Can be Provided in any Format, Layout, and Frequency
  • Data Transmissions can be Synced with Direct Upload Procedures i.e. AP software, ERP System, Data Warehouse, etc.
  • Flexibility to Modify Reporting and Transmissions as Requirements Change
  • Customizable Website Applications Including Dashboard Reports, AdHoc Queries, Rate Calculators, Spot Quote Management, and many others.

As Transportation expenses continue to be scrutinized in order to identify and reduce costs, Finance and Accounting teams have begun to play a more pivotal role in the freight audit and payment process. As such, Technical Traffic has made it a top priority to work closely with these departments to support their specific expense management needs.

Technical Traffic’s Analytical Department specializes in financial logistics, and works to interpret transportation data and evaluate its financial impact on the supply chain. Services offered range in frequency and scope, and as with all Technical Traffic offerings, can be tailored to accommodate specific audit requirements, terms, and accounting methods. Services offered include, but are not limited to;

  • Monthly Accruals
  • Carrier Review & Scorecard Support
  • Freight Forecasting
  • Freight as a Percent of Sale
  • Cost per Unit/SKU
  • Cost Accounting
  • Small Parcel Analytical Review
  • Retail Store Reporting
Service Highlights:
  • Dashboard Reporting to Monitor Freight Related Activity on a Weekly Basis
  • Frequency and Timing of Support Services Tailored Around Fiscal calendars and Month End Close
  • Reporting and Data Transmissions Tailored to ERP Specifications

With Transportation and Logistics often ranking as a Top 5 expenditure at any organization, the business decisions surrounding freight often can send a ripple effect throughout the entire supply chain.

To further enhance and support companywide initiatives, Technical Traffic’s Logistics services assist in using data to find opportunities for increased savings and efficiencies. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Management and Collection of Loss and Damage Claims for LTL, TL, and Parcel
  • Freight Expense Benchmarking
  • Rate & Pricing Analysis
  • Develop, Support, and Enforce Routing Guides
  • Issue and Oversee Vendor Chargeback’s
  • Facilitate formal Carrier RFQ and RFP process
  • Site Location Studies
  • Custom Requests

The regulatory framework within which commercial transportation functions imposes obligations on the shipping public and their internal procedures. Technical Traffic maintains an in-house Transportation Attorney that works exclusively for the benefit of our current clients to help ensure that logistic strategies are developed in compliance with applicable regulations. Our Attorney is also available for Carrier Contract Review, Contract Drafting, Loss & Damage Claim escalation, or simply for advice regarding Transportation Law.


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