Support Services

If you are like them majority of clients we work with, chances are you have been tasked with doing more with less support. At Technical Traffic we constantly strive to act as an extension of your organization, providing support services wherever necessary and applicable to our core competency of freight audit and payment. Financial Analysis: To support the initiatives of your Finance and Accounting teams, Technical Traffic maintains a fully staffed Analytical Department that specializes in financial logistics. The main responsibility of this team is to interpret transportation data and evaluate its financial impact on the supply chain and the organization.

Services include:

  • Freight Accruals
  • Carrier Review
  • Freight Forecasting
  • Freight as a Percent of Sale
  • Cost per Unit
  • Cost Accounting
  • Small Parcel Analytical Review
  • Retail Store Reporting

Custom requests Logistics: To further enhance and support companywide initiatives, Technical Traffic provides Logistics Support services exclusively to our preaudit and payment customers. In addition to custom requests, the most popular of our Logistics offerings include:

  • Management and Collection of Loss and Damage Claims for LTL, TL, and Parcel
  • Freight Expense Benchmarking
  • Rate & Pricing Analysis
  • Develop, Support, and Enforce Routing Guides
  • Issue and Oversee Vendor Chargeback‚Äôs
  • Facilitate formal Carrier RFQ and RFP process
  • Site Location Studies