Incorporation by Rules Tariff

Incorporation by Rules Tariff
Lauren Mecchella Plate - Sunday, December 11, 2016

So you implemented a Contract with your Transportation Service Providers, Great Job! And you made sure to strike or modify that little clause titled “Subject to Carrier Rules Tariff”, right? ...Right? If not, here is what you need to know about what you just agreed to.

The majority of Transportation related contracts contain a clause noting “Subject to Carrier Rules Tariff”, which basically means the contract incorporates a secondary document that can be modified at the sole discretion of the transportation provider, without your consent. The incorporation of this unilateral document allows for the provider to assess accessorial increases and additions, and/or allows them to potentially make changes to contract provisions regarding things such as dimensional weight, cubic capacity, or linear foot rules.

With that in mind, be careful before signing that contract and know you do have the ability to modify or deny that often overlooked clause.